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Peek a Boo

10 – The Devil’s Pet

On our way home I tell Adam everything about the building and the patients and about my mom. I also tell him what Infinity told me and he listens intently. After a few minutes of silence, just taking everything in he turns his head towards me 

“How did we miss they have the same names?” he asks 

“I don’t know, probably because we know him as Charlie and his surname is common”  I shrug 

“It’s fucking creepy” Adam says and I hum in agreement 

“I am not ready for a relationship with my mom but we need to get her out of there” I say softly 

“I understand Bella. I kind of feel the same way and I have no love for your mother but something about that place is just wrong.” 

I nod thinking over everything again. I am not ready to forgive my mom but I went in there wanting to kill her and I walked out wanting to save her. She has been living in pain and suffering for years and I just can’t be alright with that. How can anyone? They clearly abuse their patients and my mother is nowhere near as dangerous as the rest of the people down there, she doesn’t belong there. I shudder to think what they are doing to her as I wipe a silent tear from my cheek. I hate all these mixed emotions… 

“Hey, it’s alright little fawn… We will fix this” Adam says in a soft voice taking my hand in his. 

I nod with a small smile bringing our locked fingers to my lips and I kiss him on his knuckles. Adam flashes a toothy grin at me and he looks so adorable I cant help but giggle. Adam has this amazing ability to calm me down and make me feel loved. The more time I spend with him the more I fall in love with him. He has this side to him that very few people ever see and I treasure it. 

“Are you staring at me again because you feel you are allowed to?” he asks still grinning 


“Good, I like it” he smirks 


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I am what people call a dreamer. My talents include a slight pickle obsession, taking a questionable amount of selfies and keeping my Venus fly trap alive for more than a week. I love to write!

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