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11 – Meetings and Ice Cream

Two Days Later 

“Welcome, Thank you for coming” Jo greets our guests 

It’s Monday morning and we have each taken a seat in the cigar room. Today we will discuss the different rolls each of us will play in regards to running this city. The guests include every high profile position from the Mayor to the Chief of police and most CEO’s of our big companies like the fish factory Jo owns, among others. We need to keep people like Swen and Charlie out of our city and in our line of business that can be… shady, that’s why people like the mayor and chief of police work with us and stays out of our business. They understand that there are far worse people in the world than us. No other “street activity” is tolerated aside from ours. Our boys are protected and in turn we respect some rules laid down for us that Jo thought was reasonable and so did I. If the boys cross that line Jo and Adam deals with them internally and let’s just say they all would prefer jail. 

“We picked up five guys this morning hassling some hookers down at the docks” 

“Who were they?” Adam asks the chief because our crew didn’t have a drop at the docks this morning 

“They don’t want to talk; I thought we might “lose” them during transportation and you could persuade them to be more…” the chief of police gestures with his hand 

“Talkative?” Adam asks 

“Yes, talkative” 

“Sure Clive, just name the time and place” 

“I think they run with Charlie’s crew, that idiot has been pressuring us for property in this city for months now and with the last visit he threatened to take what he wants.” The mayor hisses 

“He is one very sick individual” the Clive says 

“In what way?” I ask furrowing my brows 

“Just rumors Bella, but we heard he likes to keep people locked up in his house for days and when they are released they are so distraught and crazy that they just end up in Sunny Acres.” 

“Can’t they stop him or arrest him?” 

“No evidence” he shrugs “and by the time we get to them they are so out of their minds that they can’t testify, not to mention that everyone is too scared to go up against him. That city of theirs is a hell hole.” Clive explains 

“All the more reason to keep them out of here.” Jo says and I nod 

People always talk about Swen like he is the devil walking the earth but the more I learn about Charlie the more I realize there is always a greater evil. I found a nice room for my mother in White Rose, our local metal hospital. It’s really more of a private clinic and they have to move her on my request because I am family. There has been some delays with the paperwork and I am very sure Veronica had something to do with it although I cant prove anything so instead I asked a lawyer friend of ours to speed up the process regardless of the issues they have. My mother will be back in our city and safe by Friday instead of two more weeks. I mean two weeks to move a person is ridiculous.

“I heard you are moving Mildrid.” Clive says looking at me 

“Yeah, I went to see her and she was in real bad shape. That place gives me the creeps it’s kind of inhumane.” I say softly 

Clive stares at me for a few seconds then nods “It’s good you’re moving her. More people then I can count have hung themselves on that apple tree in front of the place” 

Shock is evident on my face staring back at Clive. “Do you think it was all just suicides Bella?” 

“No, I don’t” 

“Clever girl, too bad you’re not a cop” 

Jo scoffs at Clive’s remark and I giggle shaking my head. 

“Adam, we are truly happy that you and Bella have decided to get married. Gustav was my associate for many years.”  The mayor says 

“Not as happy as I am” Adam smirks 

I do my best to hide the blush on my cheeks as all the heads in the room turn towards me. 

“We appreciate your support mayor.” I nod clearing my throat 

“That brings me to the other matter. They need safety should they decide to walk away from this and the city needs to be safe as well.” Jo says 

Adam and I glance at each other. He is clearly as surprised as I am by this. Neither of us knew we had the option to walk away after we were married. I thought this was it… not that I mind, I would marry Adam anyway. 

“Everything is in place should they decide to do that. After they are married all operation from the five cities we currently rule will become one giant operation. People have been assigned and allocated to their different divisions. We just need the paperwork” 

Adam and I glance at each other again. We don’t say it but we are both thinking it… “paperwork” like our marriage is only some business deal to us. Truth be told we are all just pawns in this and the only language these greedy bastards understand is money. After all they are in the den of thief’s among us not the other way around.  The three cities that belonged to my father and now to me has a network of dangerous people controlling them for us. Jo and my dad made sure they would stay loyal to us even if something happened to one of them and it’s a good thing they did. It hasn’t always been easy, people get out of line with no leader and I was too young to step up although Jo has made sure to groom me. There have been times when things got… messy. Since my birthday I have had to learn a shitload of new things in a very short time. The two cities belonging to Jo and Adam will join mine and that is the “small army” Jo and my dad wanted for us. 

We finish the last details of the meeting and see the guests out. Today has been productive and overall the outcome was very desirable with no resistance from either side. Jo and my dad really did a lot of ground work for us. 

“Are you alright little fawn?” Adam asks as we walk into the kitchen

“Yeah, just tired.” I sigh 

“Bella I want you to know you are not paperwork to me.” 

“Neither are you.” I tell him 

I help myself to a tub of choc-nut-fudge ice cream in the freezer and I grab a spoon from the open dishwasher that’s still warm. Climbing onto kitchen counter-top I wiggle my butt around to sit comfortably. Adam walks over to me and leans in, between my legs. There’s a comfortable silence as I take a bite of ice cream and then feed Adam a bite. We take turns as I feed us just staring at each other sucking ice cream from the spoon. I hope we do this for the rest of our lives. I want to feed him ice cream and fall asleep in his arms and run him a bath and just… love him. 

“More?” I ask looking down at the half eaten tub 

“No, I’m good” he shakes his head licking his fingers 

My eyes follow his tongue gently sucking on his fingers and I try to press my thighs together only to pin Adam closer to me in the process.

“Oops, sorry” I giggle nervously 

“I want you too.” Adam says in a low voice “Let’s go” 

Adam turns around and motions for me to get on his back. I blink at him like a idiot before nodding with a smile. Adam cradles my butt in his hands and I throw my arms around his neck, careful not to choke him. He chuckles tightening his grip on my butt and I am suddenly very suspicious. It’s like mischief just blew in through the door and is now hanging thick in the air. 


“For w…what?” I ask cautiously clinging to him like a monkey 

Adam takes off like a rocket and I yelp pressing myself against him harder. I laugh holding on to him as he runs through the house with me. 

“Adam!” I yell through my laughter 

“Stairs!”  he yells back 




“Hold on little fawn!” 

I squeal and laugh hopping up and down on Adam’s back as he runs up the stairs and into his room. 

“I had too much ice cream for this! Stop!” 

Adam is still laughing as he gently lowers me onto the bed. I’m standing on the edge of the bed looking down at him. His toothy grin melts my heart so I pull him closer and kiss him. 

“I love you.” I whisper on his lips 

He pulls away from my lips, staring at me surprised. “Yeah?” 


Adam smiles at me like a kid in a candy store and it’s contagious because I start to giggle again. 

“I love you too” he whispers sweetly “and I have something for you” 

Adam walks over to his dresser and removes a rectangular box from his drawer. 

“Need you down here” 

“Okay” I chirp jumping off the bed 

Adam hands me the red velvet box with a bow-tie and I carefully open it. Inside is a gold chain with Adam’s signet ring on it. It feels very old school and I love it. 

“I… um, it’s not a ring, obviously and I will get you one, a ring… I mean, but I want to do it right you know? With our family and friends because you deserve that. You deserve the best Bella, things have just been crazy but I want this now, I want you now… and forever”  Adam breathes out 

“It’s perfect Adam. I love it.” I tell him honestly feeling my smile reach all the way to my ears 

“Please put it on for me?” I ask 

I turn around handing Adam the chain. I hold my hair up so he can put the chain on; the cool gold ring resting on my chest. (Zoret) 

“Thank you Jellybean.” I tease him spinning around 

Adam chuckles, a deep red blush coloring his face. My heart nearly jumps out my chest at the sight of it so I wrap my arms around his neck and I kiss him again. Adam groans sending sparks of electricity through my body waking up all my senses. I have been wanting to please Adam the way he did to me but I have no idea how to do it. 

(Just ask!)  My mind screams 

I slowly pull away from our kiss staring into Adam’s beautiful amber orbs. I have never seen eyes like his and I cant get enough of them. 

“What?” he asks suspiciously 

“I want to… um, you know when we…”  I stutter motioning with my hand between us 

Adam’s signature smirk is back; looking at me and nodding. 

“I want to do that to you” 

“Oh” Adam says shocked, his smirk becoming a wide smile 

“I just… don’t know… how?” I tell him biting my lip 

“Fuck Bella, your inexperience is already such a damn turn on, can you please not bite your lip as well? I am trying really hard but I am just a guy.” Adam says running his hand over his face 

“Oh, it is? Really?  I ask surprised 

Adam nods staring at me in a way that makes my tummy flutter and I swallow hard not minding that I do in fact, feel like a little fawn being hunted. 

Okay… so?”  I whisper 

“Are you sure?’’ 


“Alright. Take off your clothes little fawn.”


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