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The other woman

12 – Sophia Reed

Last night was absolutely amazing… eventually, but first it was awkward and hilarious. Adam guided my hands and my mouth to exactly where he wanted them. We snorted with laughter when Adam said; 

“It’s like eating ice cream Bella!” 

He enjoyed my lack of experience way too much. My hair got stuck in the clasp of his wrist chain and then I accidentally bit down too hard on his… um, manhood, instead of nibbling it. I know I shouldn’t have laughed but the look of complete shock and horror on his face was priceless. 

“It’s attached to me; I will need it for babies!” he exclaimed jokingly and I rolled with laughter. 

I apologized and then carefully tried again. After I found a rhythm to what I was doing Adam’s head rolled back and he grabbed onto my hair. His hips bucked forward and a low, throaty groan vibrated from his chest. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard and I wanted more of it. I was very pleased with myself when Adam moaned my name, trembling. His warmth filled my mouth and ran down my throat. I love the way he tastes and I can’t wait to do it again. 

I am well aware that most 21 year old’s probably already know what they are doing in the bedroom. I remember my friends all experimenting with their sexuality when we were still teens and house parties were more like code for random hook-up. I think because of what happened to me it made me really careful and in no rush to have people’s hands all over me. Besides that, when most of my friends were hanging out and dating I was breaking into vaults and stealing priceless art and I was happy to do so, I loved my childhood with Jo. 

I remember not long after coming to stay here I had my first period and Daisy was out of town so Jo went to the store and came back with a box of tampons. Both of us stood in my bathroom reading the instructions… Jo had the pamphlet out and I was reading the box. I had a good idea of what to do I wasn’t completely naive. 

“So you tear it open, take the thing out and then just… you know” he said motioning with his hand 

“Yeah, I got that part… then this part goes here with a string.” I said deep in thought pointing at the picture and Jo hummed in agreement 

“It’s crazy Bella, good luck sweetheart. I will be right outside.” He said patting the top of my head like a puppy 

“Thanks Pop.” I answered 

“Oh, and now you can get pregnant so don’t have sex because I will kill the boy.” 



That was my first experience with becoming a woman. Daisy returned two days later and she was delighted when I told her and so proud of me like I had done something amazing. She took me out to brunch and shopping and she told me everything I needed to know. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. 

“Good morning love.” Adam whispers 

“Good morning Jellybean.” 

Adam chuckles and brushes my hair out of my face with his fingertips. I get so lost in my happy place every time I stare in to his amber eyes. 

“I love your eyes.” I whisper 

“Thanks. My mom had the same eyes, just lighter.” 

Jo and Adam lost Amelia to Hepatocellular carcinoma which is just a fancy word for liver cancer. They tried everything to save her and Jo had the bests specialists take care of her. In the end she refused further treatment and just wanted to be home with her family. It was a truly horrible time in all their lives and it drove them apart, well until now… 

“You miss her a lot don’t you?” I ask stroking his cheek with my thumb 

“Yeah, she was amazing. She could light up a room with her smile and she wasn’t scared of anything. We use to go on road trips a lot.” Adam says with a sad smile 

My heart clenches when he looks so sad. The honesty and vulnerability he shows me is something no one else gets to see and knowing that, knowing he trusts me enough to show me this side of him is something I will guard with my life. Adam is funny and intelligent and so much more caring then I would have ever guessed. I will forever be grateful that my dad and Jo thought we would make a good match. 

“I am really sorry you lost her Adam. I know she would’ve been so proud of you.” I say softly 

“Thank you Bella.” He whispers and kisses my forehead 

“Family is all we have.” I tell him 

“Sure, but look at us and our lives… The beautiful thing about it is that we get to choose our family Bella. Jo wanted to be your dad and you his daughter. We chose to be together and you are my family, just like Jo.” 

Adam’s words ring in my ears and my heart starts pounding. I shoot up startling Adam; staring out in front of me I take a moment to let his words sink in. 

“Bella what’s wrong?” He asks confused sitting up as well 

“We chose each other.” I whisper 


“So my dad chose her.” 


“Sophie! Its her!” I laugh excited 

“Bella, stop and tell me.” 

“The deed my father left me… The letter said we choose our family and Sophia Reed was like a mother to me.” 

“You really think so?” 

“It has to be.” 

“Okay little fawn get dressed and I will take you.” 

“I love you.” 

Adam stares at me for a few seconds just blinking and I am not sure if I said something wrong or if he is daydreaming but then a small smile runs over his lips 

“Say it again.” He whispers 

“I love you.” I say softly feeling my cheeks turn red 

He smiles at me then pulls me back to him in a tight hug 

“I love you too Bella.” 


Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I had no idea getting oral could be that fun and satisfying. After Bella got the hang of what she was doing she took me to heaven and back. I am not even sure how she did it because halfway through it my mind turned off. Then to wake up this morning and hear her say she loves me… I mean, how did I get this lucky? My dad is a Rockstar, I need to thank him. 

“You ready little fawn?” 

“Yes, I have it.” Bella says waving the letter from her dad in the air 

Jo and Daisy is with her team in one of our cities today, some rich lawyer capped her abusive husband and the mayor wants it “handled” I told Jo I would go but he insisted I spend time with Bella and I wasn’t going to argue; I feel anxious when I am not around her. Brice follows in a car behind us as we head for the cemetery again. Bella is singing along to the radio, Lover by Taylor Swift is blasting through the air, she has the window open and her hand is lazily playing in the wind. It’s ironic that Bella doesn’t know how special she is but I will remind her everyday. 

We pull up to the cemetery and I instinctively look around to make sure we are alone. After what happened the last time Bella was here I don’t want to take any chances. Brice gets out of his car and starts walking around to check our surroundings. Bella and I each grab a shovel and a bag from the car and I smile to myself because we must look like grave robbers. 

“I hope I am right about this” 

“I think you are.” I reassure her because it makes sense to me 

“Over here.” 

We stand in front of Sophia’s grave just staring at her resting place for a few seconds. 

(Sophia Reed, 1988 – 2013. Forever in our hearts) 

“Sorry Sophie.” Bella whispers 

If we do find the deed here with Sophia it will be great but… how; would be my next question? Sophia died the same day as Bella’s dad, so how did the deed end up here? I don’t think Bella realizes it yet and I don’t want to add that to this already emotional situation. 

“Look here babe.” Bella says pulling me from my thoughts 

Bella removes the vase from the grave and right at the foot of the headstone is a thin dirty red ribbon sticking out from the grass. 

“Let me.” I say motioning with my shovel 

Bella nods and takes a few steps back still holding the vase. I clear about two shovels of dirt when I hit something hard. 

“What is it?” Bella ask 

“A wooden box” I answer frowning 

Two gun shots hit the tree beside Bella, she yelps as we both hit the ground. I crawl to Bella to cover her. 

“Get the box!” she yells as we both pull our pistols out 

(Fuck I love this woman) 

I crawl back and reach down for the small wooden box. The long red ribbon is sticking out of it from the side. I push the box in to my pocket and we crawl to the closest tree

“You better run fucker!” we hear Brice yell and both of us peek around the tree like squirrels on caffeine. 

“I wounded him.” Brice says out of breath when he reaches us 

“We’re okay.” I tell him and he nods 

Bella jumps to her feet “Thanks Brice.” She smiles at him 

Brice nods back and we jog back to our cars. The sooner we get out of here the better. I hand Bella the box before we drive away to get back home. 

“Watch the road.” Bella says and I snort 

“I want to see too.” 

Bella giggles at me and wipes the soil off the box. She holds the box in the air in front of her face and carefully examines it turning it from side to side. 

“How is this possible?” she asks softly 


“This was mine; my dad gave me a charm bracelet the morning of my birthday, it was the last gift he ever gave me.” Bella whispers with tears in her eyes 

“I don’t know little fawn.” I say softly confirming my suspicion 

Bella slowly opens the box and she gasps swallowing her sobs. I hate that she is crying so often and that all of this is coming at her all at once. 

“What is it baby?” I ask 

“My charm bracelet and a key.” She says softly sniffling 

“Fuck, what is going on?” I mumble 

“I don’t know.” She cries 

“It’s alright Bella, I got you. We will find out.” I tell her putting my hand on her thigh. 

She nods at me with a small sad smile and wipes her tears away. 

“Okay.” She breathes with a ragged voice and I squeeze her leg 

“My brave girl.” I coo her 

Bella swallows hard and takes my hand from her thigh bringing it to her lips. She kisses my hand, clinging to me. 

“I love you Adam” she says and my heart flutters 

“Love you Bella”

When we get to the house no one is home yet so Bella and I decide to watch a movie and stuff our faces with junk food. The wooden box with the charm bracelet and the key is lying on the table in front of us between the pizza and the beer. Bella is curled up beside me with her legs over my lap and I have my arm around her. I don’t know how much of the movie we are actually watching because both of us keep glancing at the items in front of us. What really gets to me is the charms on the bracelet feel and look recent like someone has been following her life and the only person who knew where that box was hidden was Bella’s dad… 

“Do you think he is alive?” she asks in a soft voice 

“I don’t know what to think love.” I tell her honestly 

“Hey kids” Jo says as he walks into the room and his face immediately falls when he looks at us 

“What happened?” he asks 

Bella jumps to her feet and runs to Jo putting her face in his chest 

“Pop I found some stuff.” Bella cries 


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I am what people call a dreamer. My talents include a slight pickle obsession, taking a questionable amount of selfies and keeping my Venus fly trap alive for more than a week. I love to write!

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