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15 – Careful What You Wish For

“You can start honey.” Daisy says 

“What is your name?” I ask first to make sure he understands me 

“Charles Gresham” he answers 

“Does Sunny Acres belong to you?” 

“Yes, you bitch.” Charlie grits through his teeth fighting not to answer me 

“Why do you have Mildrid Pinto?” 

Charlie curses a string of colorful words but there is no getting away from the concoction Daisy gave him 

“She is… my… sacrifice.” He pants 

“Why is she your sacrifice?” 

“Because you are not.” 

“What the fuck does that mean!” I yell “Tell me about her! Tell me about my past!” 

Charlie chuckles through the pain like the crazy son of a bitch he is then answers me 

“I wanted you, I always wanted you, and my father told me I could have you.” 

I gasp staring at him confused and horrified 

“Your father refused so my father devised a plan. He kidnapped your mother one morning just as she was leaving a salon.” 

“What are you talking about?” I ask in a shaky voice because I have no memory of it 

“Oh come on Bella! You think a good mom like yours would just suddenly out of nowhere become a whore and leave you? She played the part good though, fooled all of you.” Charlie breathes out staring at the ground 

“What the fuck did you do?” Jo growls making me jump 

Charlie’s eyes shoot up and he glares at Jo with nothing by hate. 

“You… you fucked it all up. You and your stupid son.” Charlie hisses 

“Tell me!” I scream 

“You see Bella after my father was done with your mother she was never the same. He did things to her that makes even my skin crawl.” He snickers 

“You bastard!” Jo yells punching him in the face, splitting his lip open 

“Jo!” I yell “Daisy take Jo, please?” I ask her

“No, I am not leaving I am going to kill this bastard!” 

“Pop, please?  I need to know and you are too close to this.” 

“Oh and you’re not?” he yells throwing his hands in the air 

“Pop, please?” I whisper 

Jo sighs running his hand over his face “Fine but Brice stays and if that fucker even breathes the wrong way he dies.” 

“Okay” I whisper again 

Jo nods and kisses my forehead before Daisy walks him out to the house. He will be going straight to Adam’s room to check on him. 

“Such an obedient little girl, I love it.” Charlie whispers licking his lips making my skin crawl… again 

“What did he do to my mom, what happened?” 

Charlie groans tugging at his chains 

“Fuck!” he yells 

“My father kept her for a few hours; he raped her and shot her up with heroin then he cut small pieces of flesh off her arms. He fried it in a pan and he force fed it to her. He planted evidence of an affair with the pictures he took off the rape so even if your mother told your father it would break him” Charlie hisses 

“You fucking monsters” I whisper sobbing 

“Yes sweetheart, we are monsters and my father made sure she understood it. He told her if she didn’t ruin her marriage and help us end your father we would come for you… You would be mine and I would keep you day after day so she agreed.” 

I shake my head as tears run down my cheeks 

“Your mother had to choose between you and your father.” 

“I fucking hate you! Why? Just for more power and more money?” I yell 

“Silly girl… all I ever wanted was you; in a cage, on your knees.” He whispers softly 

I have never in my life been so repulsed and horrified by another human. 

“You took her anyway, why? She did what you asked.” I say sobbing 

“No, she didn’t. That sly fox…” he chuckles darkly 

“She met Jo… Jo was not supposed to be in the plan. Jo was not supposed to exist!” 

I sniffle wiping my tears staring at the monster in front of me 

“She played you” I whisper “She played you” I say again and then start to giggle because something inside my brain has clearly broken. 

My giggles turn to full blown laughter and I don’t know if I am losing my mind or if it is just the stress of what I have been dealing with but I cant help myself. After a few moments I calm down and Charlie is glaring at me like he would love nothing more then to kill me 

“What did my mother do Charlie?” I hiss 

“I will fucking kill you, I will get you” Charlie grits though his teeth 

“Tell me!” I scream 

“That bitch made sure your father and Jo would meet. She made sure they would follow her. Your mother later told me when she first saw Adam there was just something about him that she liked, even as a boy she knew he would be perfect for you.  The baby wasn’t something she planned but somehow that only strengthened her plan so much more.” Charlie says defeated 

“She couldn’t have known my dad and Jo would get along.” I counter 

“Oh Bella, so naive… Your mother is brilliant and intelligent, she ran most of the daily operations with your father… well she was…” Charlie chuckles 

Anger boils up inside of me like a volcano “You made me believe she left me! You made me think she hates me and that she was just some whore!” I yell at him 

Charlie sighs like I am boring him to death with my emotional response 

“Like I said, she played her part and of course she knew they would get along. Your mother knew your father like the back of her hand and she knew everyone in the business.” 

Guilt and horror clamps around my heart and I swallow back the bile threatening to push up. 

(All this time…) I start to pant so I pace up and down the room trying to calm myself down. At this point I don’t care if Charlie sees how broken I am because he will not see another sunrise. 

“Little Bella, so tortured… It’s beautiful.” Charlie says softly tilting his head 

“I will cut your fucking tongue out!” Brice hisses 

I completely forgot he was standing in the room but the realization makes me relax a bit. 

Charlie chuckles like the crazy man he is and nods 

“Always protecting the princess” he whispers 

“Why do you keep my mom?” 

“Because she fucked up Bella, she broke the deal so if I can’t have you I will make her pay.” 

“I am taking her back you sick fuck.” I hiss 

“There is not much left.” he laughs 

I rush towards Charlie and slap him across his face so hard that my hand throbs. Charlie groans and immediately his erection is visible straining his pants. I gasp jumping back 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I growl disgusted

“Everything Bella!” he yells at me “My father and my uncle made damn sure of that.” He says looking away 

(Monsters made a monster) 

“What happened at Sunny Acres?” I ask softly 

“No Bella don’t.” He warns fighting the truth serum 

“Do you want another dose? Tell me.” I demand 

Charlie sighs and for the first time a single tear rolls down his cheek. 

“My uncle is a narcissistic sadist and he likes kids. It must run in the family because my dad wasn’t any better. They use to take me with them to the old asylum. The underground “facility” was much more private and spacious.” He says staring at the wall deep in thought 

Goosebumps are already crawling up my arms and my scalp prickles with sweat. I don’t like where this story is headed. 

“They tortured and raped more kids than I can count. At first they would just make me watch but after a while they made me do it as well. I didn’t want to, I vomited as soon as I got near one of the kids, they were the same age as me at the time. My father threatened to do worse to me but I still refused… My father wasn’t joking, I couldn’t sit for weeks, he tore me open and my mother did nothing. He and my uncle kept torturing me till I finally broke, I was just a kid… I wanted them to stop, so I became this, this monster Bella and I have never looked back.” He says locking eyes with me


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