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You didn’t know

16 – Monsters do cry…

“Why didn’t you stop? Why didn’t you find help?” 

“Because I enjoy it Bella. I am a predator.” 

“But you hated it, they forced you.” 

“They just showed me what was inside me all along, I am a Gresham after all.” He snickers sending chills up my spine 

“Why couldn’t the police find the rest of the kids?” I ask 

“The walls.” He sighs 

“The walls?” 

Charlie shifts in his chairs leaning back. He stares at me for a few moments with the saddest most lost expression I have ever seen and coming from me that says a lot. 

“They mashed the bodies into a paste and they mixed it with the concrete. The wing they added to the building is made of concrete and kids.” He says drumming his fingers on the armrest of the chair faking a big sarcastic smile 

I clamp a hand over my mouth gagging 

“Fucking hell.” Brice says disgusted running his hand through his hair 

I groan swallowing what feels like buckets of my own spit. Taking a few deep breathes I calm myself down. 

“I am sorry.” I whisper not knowing what else to say 

I was truly sorry… sorry for the boy he was, sorry for the fucked up family he has, sorry for the children, sorry that life was so messed up, sorry that this was our past, sorry that people who were supposed to know better kept quiet, sorry that he was too crazy to live and sorry that I couldn’t let him see another day. I just felt sorry… and empty 

“W…what?” Charlie whispers 

“I am sorry.” I say a bit louder 

“My dad was wrong about you.” 

“What did he say about me?” 

“That you would become just as evil as everyone else in our world, that it was unavoidable.” 

“I am not good Charlie. I kill people too.” I say softly 

“Yeah, but you’re different Bella, you always have been.” 

“I was glad when my dad got capped. I loathed him more than anything in this world.” 

“Adam killed him.” 

Charlie snort and shakes his head “Good, that’s good.” He says softly 

“I have two more questions, no three… then we are done.” 

“Let’s hear them sweetheart.” Charlie smirks. His mood swings are unnerving. 

“Who is the purple man?” 

“Unbutton my shirt.” 

“Excuse me?” I squeal and Brice takes a few steps towards Charlie 

“You want to know?” he bites out 

“Bella” Brice warns 

“It’s fine.” I say waving my hand in the air 

(It’s not fine… It’s creepy and I need a drink) 

I slowly approach Charlie and lean forward just a bit reaching for the top button of his dress shirt. Charlie breathes out slowly and groans; his erection is prominent so I focus my eyes on the buttons between my fingers. My hands are shaky as I unbutton each one. Charlie patiently waits, he doesn’t move; he just watches me blinking slowly. 

“I have often wondered if I wasn’t this broken and if I met you like a normal person, what our lives would’ve been like.” He says softly just as the last button glides through my fingers 

“I think Adam would’ve found me” I whisper staring into his crazy blue eyes. 

“No one would’ve found you Bella.” He says in a way that holds too much truth for my comfort. 

I blink looking down at his shirt and I slowly pull the edges apart. I gasp taking a few steps back and Charlie chuckles. His chest is covered in old wounds. Thick ridges like mountain peaks litter his torso. Purple peacock feathers and writing that looks like it could be poetry are tattooed all over the scars, covering his whole front side. 

“What happened?” I ask in a shaky voice not sure I want the answer. 

“That’s an extra question Bella.” 

“I know” I say staring into his eyes nodding 

Charlie’s expression softens as he stares back at me and he clears his throat. 

“My uncle ate me.” 

“What?” Brice and I exclaim in unison 

“He ate me… He would cut off pieces of flesh and skin from my chest and cook it. He always said I was his favorite.” Charlie whispers and another single tear rolls down his cheek 

Our eyes meet and I stare at Charlie shocked and wordless. My mouth feels dry and my stomach turns. It takes me so long to form a sentence that he eventually tilts his head and smiles at me. 

“That’s really fucked up” is all I manage to get out 

Charlie sighs and nods his head “That’s were I got the taste for it, so to speak” 

I take a deep breathe clearly aware that my brain has not processed all of this yet but I push on. 

“Is my dad alive?” I say with a tremble in my voice 

Charlie furrows his brows and stares back at me like I am crazy one. 

“Your father is dead, I saw the body” 

“Maybe you saw a body.” 

“Sorry sweetheart but I am pretty sure he is dead. We dumped him in the ocean.”  Charlie says matter-of-fact 

My last bit hope drains from my heart and I jolt as sobs rip through me. Covering my face I cry into my hands. 

“Bella it’s enough, you should go, I will take care of him.” Brice says softly rubbing my back 

“Show me your tears Bella” Charlie says 

I slowly look up sniffling “Beautiful, sad little girl” Charlie mumbles 

I give Brice a small smile telling him I’m alright. I am after all a Pinto. I tilt my head staring at Charlie. I take a moment to just look at him. His blue eyes are stormy and wild. His messy blond hair is streaked with blood and sticking to his forehead. Charlie is a handsome normal looking guy and its easy too see why so many girls swoon over this killer. 

“What?” he asks frowning 

“I’m sorry.” I say again 

This time my words seem to hit Charlie right in his chest. He breaks eye contact with me swallowing hard. He clears his throat blinking away any emotions, glancing between me and the floor. 

“Last question Bella.” He says 

“You look so lonely and sad, I never noticed. You are clearly tortured and I can’t imagine you sleep much, you must have terrible nightmares. When I look at you there is nothing scary about you anymore, just a broken boy that’s beyond any kind of help because you enjoy what you do too much.” I say softly 

“I will always be a monster Bella.” Charlie whispers “What is the question?” 

“Would you like me to kill you now?” I ask my last question 

“Yes please.” Charlie says in a shaky voice almost pleading. 

I swallow hard and walk over to the table where Daisy left her equipment. I pick up the scalpel and turn walking back towards Charlie. 

“You will never stop Charlie.” I whisper 

“I know Bella.” He swallows staring up at me. “Just do one thing for me, I know it’s asking a lot but I never could, I never had the courage.” He says with tears running down his cheeks 


“End my uncle for me and the other kids, please?” 

I can’t look Charlie in the eyes when he is this emotional because I don’t want to feel anything except hate towards him but he is making it really hard with his fucked up live. Just like me he was also a pawn in this sick world but, he chose his path and I chose mine. 

“Sure” I whisper rubbing my forehead with my palm 

Charlie snickers then nods “So save me from myself Bella” he says 

I stand right in front of Charlie extending my arm so the scalpel rests just below his ear. Charlie doesn’t flinch and he makes no attempt to move or come at me. He just stares up at me with a relieved smile, blinking. My hand is shaking but I have a firm grip on the scalpel. I need to do this hard and fast. I am drowning in a sea of emotions. I feel nothing and everything all at once. Charlie winks at me and says 

“Bye beautiful Bella.” 

Before I can even react Charlie jerks his head to the side with so much force that the scalpel lodges into his neck right up to me fingers. I gasp and start to cry as Charlie looks up at me smiling. He blinks slowly, gagging as the blood pours from his neck. My hand and arm is covered in blood and the warm red liquid runs across the tiled floor pooling around my sneakers. 

(Welcome to church Charlie) 

“Bye Charlie” I whisper as his body jerks and the light in his eyes fade away. 

“It’s over Bella.” Brice says softly pulling my arm away where I am still holding the scalpel in place 

I slowly let go and watch Charlie slump forward. 


“Brice I need you to do something for me that is going to sound really crazy but please do it for me because I literally do not have the strength to explain it or do it myself.” 

“Sure kid.” Brice says 

“Take his body and bury him next to our mausoleum on the opposite side of Sophia. I don’t want him close to her but I want him where I can see him. His family will never come near him again.” I whisper not sure why I want this or if it is even sane but that’s how I feel 

“Okay Bella” Brice says without judgement or arguing 

“Is it done?” Daisy ask from behind me and I slowly turn around 

“Oh my little baby girl.” She gasps “Come on.” She says opening her arms for a hug and I don’t think twice before crashing into her and holding her tight 

I break down and weep holding onto Daisy. My tears soak her shoulder and I tremble as sob after sob rips through me. 

“Lets get you cleaned up.” She says guiding me to the door 

I take one last look over my shoulder at Charlie whom Brice is rolling up in a plastic sheet and my heart clenches, not for the monster but for the little boy before the monster. 

Daisy walks me into the house and up the stairs just as we are about to reach the top Adam meets us 

“Bella, what happened?” he gasps 

“He killed himself” I say in a shaky voice 

Daisy hums likes it’s the most normal thing but Adam grabs my shoulders staring into my eyes. 

“Tell me.” He says 

“Both of you need a shower. You can talk there.” Daisy says kissing my cheek. “I will send up food and some stuff the doctor left.” Daisy turns and walks down the stairs again. 

“Where is Jo?” I ask 

“In the study, it can wait.” She calls over her shoulder 

Adam and I walk into my room closing the door behind us. We saunter into the bathroom and he opens the shower, checking the water with his hands. We undress slowly groaning and moaning. Adam’s beautiful body is covered in bruises and scars and it makes me angry at Charlie all over again. That anger becomes sorrow and then anger again because he was so fucked up and my emotions are just a jumbled mess. Adam and I help each other into the shower and we stand there for a few moments hugging our naked bodies against each other under the warm water as steam fills the bathroom. 

“I nearly lost you.” I whisper 

“Sorry little fawn.” Adam apologizes for almost dying like it was his fault “Thank you for saving me.” He says softly 

“Thank you for not dying.” I say back

Adam tightens his arms around me and gently rocks us from side to side. He has this way about him that makes all the evil things in the world just vanish. 

“I am sorry I wasn’t awake and you had to do that on your own. I wanted to be there with you.” Adam says 

As soon as we got home a doctor was waiting for Adam and he connected him to an IV. Whatever he gave him was strong because Adam was out cold. 

“Its okay… We spoke for a while; I know everything I wanted to know.” 

“Tell me.” Adam whispers tilting my chin up so I’d look into his lovely amber orbs 

We stand there in the shower holding onto each other and I tell Adam everything that happened word for word. His face dances with every kind of emotion you can imagine as I tell him the story. Adam is as white as a sheet by the time I am done and blankly stares at the wall behind me blinking slowly. I don’t say anything; I leave him with his thoughts just clinging to his chest. I mean after all that what can I say? What can anyone say? 


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