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The End

17 – Epilogue

Two Weeks Later

In a shocking turn of events the case of the “Sunny Butcher” was reopened this week when local police found some remains and DNA of children who went missing at the old Sunny Acres asylum a few years ago inside the building walls. The authorities can’t say how this new evidence came to light only commenting that it was an anonymous source. Many people are speculating if this was some kind of conspiracy as the “Sunny Butcher” himself, Charles Gresham was found dead in his cell the same day as the discovery was made. Police are saying it was a suicide and that Gresham was in solitary confinement at the time. His younger nephew also Mr. Charles Gresham was reported missing by his wife adding fuel to the fire. The investigation continues but at least now hundreds of families will finally have some kind of closure after years of uncertainty and torture. 

I turn off the television, Adam and I glance at each other. I continue stirring our coffee admiring my wedding ring. He snickers as he flips a pancake. I press my lips together to stop from smiling and just shake my head. Handing Adam his coffee I take a seat at the kitchen island and patiently wait for my pancakes as I sip my coffee. What the public doesn’t know won’t hurt them but our mayor and chief of police were happy to help sneak some rat poison into Charle’s food. He was chewing on the last bit of bread when a note delivered by friend was slipped under his door. It read;

For Charlie and the kids

Charles Gresham had a painful and slow death. The poison ate him from the inside-out and no one heard him scream before it ate away his throat. He laid on the ground for hours in his own muck wailing from pain. Ironically the rats got to him before the guards did. The remaining Gresham’s were not told what happened to Charlie and they continue to search for him; that secret will stay with our family. The headstone I made for him reads “The Monster, not born but made.” There are no dates on it so he will be forgotten with time, wiped away like dust, just like the kids they will never find. The police had to search his house because his wife reported him missing and they found all kinds of illegal pornography, a cage, torture equipment and the skull of a young boy in his basement. His wife was cleared of any charges after an investigation proved that she had no knowledge of what was going on in her own house. She said she wasn’t allowed to go down there and she was terrified of Charlie although he never hurt her. Her statement shocked the shit out of me, I really thought that he made her life hell but she was living like a queen. It seems the monster valued his young wife’s company. She seems genuinely sad and conflicted at the discovery. I will spare her the truth…

 “Bon Appetite little fawn and hurry we need to catch the plane.” Adam says sliding the pancake and some bacon onto my plate 

“Thanks Jellybean.” I say back cutting into my food 

A comfortable silence falls between. The sizzling of the pan and the smell of coffee is somehow enough to keep us company. Adam and I got married yesterday. It was a small wedding with only ten people to witness the occasion. After everything that has happened we wanted to get married as soon as possible and move away. We are leaving the business behind. The palm tree on my charm bracelet was about the deed my father left me. He purchased a small private island for me and left me a fortune that would sustain me for five lifetimes. Jo thought this was a wise choice given everything that has happened; he and Daisy will be joining us for an early retirement. 

He said “fuck it, I’m tired.” 

My mother has already been moved to the island. She has her own house and I employed a full team of staff with medical personnel. We talk everyday and Charlie was right, she is brilliant and intelligent. She still breaks down but she is slowly healing. Between Adam and Jo they have enough of their own money to buy a small country and without the Gresham’s to worry about the cities have been given to leaders who will not destroy it or the people living in them. I secretly hope all the corruption and thievery stops but I won’t hold my breath, the world is dark place. 

“Welcome aboard” Brice greets, he is also a world class pilot. We are taking a private jet out of the country because our location is a secret 

“Damn Brice, nice uniform.” I tease 

“The chicks love it” he chirps with a bright smile 

I giggle at him and we take our seats. After a few checks and getting something to drink we take off. I sip on my Mojito staring at Adam who is deep into the psychology book he is reading. It must be my hormones or something but he gets sexier every time I look at him. 

Staring out the window I mentally wave at the shit hole we are finally leaving behind. As for my life, the bracelet is still a mystery but I have made peace with it because everything I could ever want I have… A fresh start with the people I love is more than I could ever have hoped for. The flight takes a whole day and we are all very happy when our new home comes into view. The island is beautiful and exotic. You can only get to it by plane or a couple of hours by boat. The island has four large homes on it and then a few smaller ones around the edges for our staff. Brice got himself a nice cozy one with a ocean view and he cant wait to go fishing everyday. I am taking piano lessons again and Adam is pursuing an online degree in psychology. Jo and Daisy said they will be gardening and breeding horses so we all have something to keep us busy and help us settled into our new lives. Jo and my mom have also been talking a lot and many tears of forgiveness and regret have been spilled. I am happy that we have peace 

Adam and I walk up the grand stairs of our new home and excitement bubbles inside me. I want to hurry so I can go and see my mom; I have missed her so much. I push the doors open and as soon as my feet enter the door I gasp dropping my handbag on the ground. 

“Daddy” I whisper 

“Welcome home Bella.” My dad says 

The End


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