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Meet them

11 – Meetings and Ice Cream Two Days Later  “Welcome, Thank you for coming” Jo greets our guests  It’s Monday morning and we have each taken a seat in the cigar room. Today we will discuss the different rolls each of us will play in regards to running this city. The guests include every highContinue reading “Meet them”


5 – Just Say It I nod and swallow hard staring back at him. Something about him at least getting to one of the men responsible and then guarding me for the last seven years softens my heart and I don’t want to kill him anymore, maybe just torture him a bit… no, no IContinue reading “Talking”


The morning after….. I wake up with my face buried in Lord Canowicakte chest. I feel him gently stroking my hair. “How did you sleep Me Lady?” I cuddle up to him even more “very, very well, and you Me Lord?” He hugs me tight “I have never felt better” I blush as he saysContinue reading “FOREST LAND: THE AWAKENING Chapter 7”