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The End

17 – Epilogue Two Weeks Later In a shocking turn of events the case of the “Sunny Butcher” was reopened this week when local police found some remains and DNA of children who went missing at the old Sunny Acres asylum a few years ago inside the building walls. The authorities can’t say how thisContinue reading “The End”

You didn’t know

16 – Monsters do cry… “Why didn’t you stop? Why didn’t you find help?”  “Because I enjoy it Bella. I am a predator.”  “But you hated it, they forced you.”  “They just showed me what was inside me all along, I am a Gresham after all.” He snickers sending chills up my spine  “Why couldn’tContinue reading “You didn’t know”

It’s my turn

15 – Careful What You Wish For “You can start honey.” Daisy says  “What is your name?” I ask first to make sure he understands me  “Charles Gresham” he answers  “Does Sunny Acres belong to you?”  “Yes, you bitch.” Charlie grits through his teeth fighting not to answer me  “Why do you have Mildrid Pinto?” Continue reading “It’s my turn”

Meet them

11 – Meetings and Ice Cream Two Days Later  “Welcome, Thank you for coming” Jo greets our guests  It’s Monday morning and we have each taken a seat in the cigar room. Today we will discuss the different rolls each of us will play in regards to running this city. The guests include every highContinue reading “Meet them”

Peek a Boo

10 – The Devil’s Pet On our way home I tell Adam everything about the building and the patients and about my mom. I also tell him what Infinity told me and he listens intently. After a few minutes of silence, just taking everything in he turns his head towards me  “How did we missContinue reading “Peek a Boo”

That’s not weird at all…

9 – Crazy Apples I look up at her making sure I am allowed to explore the very intimate parts of her. Bella nods and opens her legs for me. I want her to know she always has a choice and the right to say no even when we are married, especially given her past.Continue reading “That’s not weird at all…”

About her

7 – Mother Dearest Out the corner of my eye I see a small square hole and I furrow my brows, carefully approaching it. It’s carved into the corner on it’s own like it was done as an afterthought. (Surely that must be it) I crouch down and slowly shine my flashlight inside. At theContinue reading “About her”

Well that happens, right?

6 – Cemetery Secrets I just need to do it; not think and just do it. So I march out my room and knock on her door right next to mine.  “Come in” her beautiful voice rings in the air  “Hey Bella”  “Oh, hi” she says pushing a stray lock behind her ear  “Are youContinue reading “Well that happens, right?”