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Well that happens, right?

6 – Cemetery Secrets I just need to do it; not think and just do it. So I march out my room and knock on her door right next to mine.  “Come in” her beautiful voice rings in the air  “Hey Bella”  “Oh, hi” she says pushing a stray lock behind her ear  “Are youContinue reading “Well that happens, right?”

It Happens…

3 – Adam and Mojito’s The same anxiety I had before slowly snakes up from stomach and plants itself in the back of my head. Something was definitely up… The surprise party, all the guests, the extra goodfella’s and now I am “grown up” I need a mojito. That’s my drink, I love mojito’s TheContinue reading “It Happens…”

Let’s call you Cactus Jack…

Who is Cactus Jack? Nice of you to ask… Cactus Jack is the relationship that taught me the most; the one that almost killed me; the one that made me strong. The saddest thing about what I’m about to say is how many of you will actually relate to it; “I’ve never been so lonelyContinue reading “Let’s call you Cactus Jack…”

Don’t overwhelm me; I can do it myself…

What isn’t overwhelming these days? Let me break it down for you; There is this corrupted software planted into our brains by things like social media, advertising and marketing, our parents, the news, society and of course by ourselves that we need to do certain things to be seen a certain way. You know whatContinue reading “Don’t overwhelm me; I can do it myself…”

I will be in denial if you need me

Most of you have probably heard about the “three questions”, you know? Where you ask a person three specific questions to get to know a lot about them in a short amount of time? I wont bother to post a link because it’s really everywhere if you Google it but let me enlighten you anyway.Continue reading “I will be in denial if you need me”


I wake up in the middle of night, my heart pounding-terrified (Someone is… is… in my room) I grab my sword next to my bed and jump up! (wait a minute….) In front of me is a very clumsy and drunk Lord Canowicakte bumping into stuff “Ouch” (he is….mmmm, lost maybe?) “Lord Canowicakte are youContinue reading “FOREST LAND: THE AWAKENING Chapter 7 (1)”


The morning after….. I wake up with my face buried in Lord Canowicakte chest. I feel him gently stroking my hair. “How did you sleep Me Lady?” I cuddle up to him even more “very, very well, and you Me Lord?” He hugs me tight “I have never felt better” I blush as he saysContinue reading “FOREST LAND: THE AWAKENING Chapter 7”


I knock and this time I wait for a response (maybe I should be a little drunk for this) “Enter!” Lord Canowicakte doesn’t look up from his paperwork. I close the door behind me and take off the robe. “hmmm” I clear my throat. He puts his crystal pen down annoyed “Can’t you people seeContinue reading “FOREST LAND: THE AWAKENING Chapter 6 (5)”