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About her

7 – Mother Dearest Out the corner of my eye I see a small square hole and I furrow my brows, carefully approaching it. It’s carved into the corner on it’s own like it was done as an afterthought. (Surely that must be it) I crouch down and slowly shine my flashlight inside. At theContinue reading “About her”

Well that happens, right?

6 – Cemetery Secrets I just need to do it; not think and just do it. So I march out my room and knock on her door right next to mine.  “Come in” her beautiful voice rings in the air  “Hey Bella”  “Oh, hi” she says pushing a stray lock behind her ear  “Are youContinue reading “Well that happens, right?”


5 – Just Say It I nod and swallow hard staring back at him. Something about him at least getting to one of the men responsible and then guarding me for the last seven years softens my heart and I don’t want to kill him anymore, maybe just torture him a bit… no, no IContinue reading “Talking”

Sometimes we just think we know

4 – The truth be a Bi**h “I’m sorry dad” he says in small voice “I was wrong” “So was I, I’m sorry” Jo sniffles, hugging both me and Adam Tears run down my cheeks and I bury face in Jo’s chest. “What the bloody hell?” Daisy says from behind Jo We turn to herContinue reading “Sometimes we just think we know”

It Happens…

3 – Adam and Mojito’s The same anxiety I had before slowly snakes up from stomach and plants itself in the back of my head. Something was definitely up… The surprise party, all the guests, the extra goodfella’s and now I am “grown up” I need a mojito. That’s my drink, I love mojito’s TheContinue reading “It Happens…”

Let’s go somewhere

Soooo I really do apologize for not posting anything in a while, I a have been writing… I would like to share a short story I wrote with you guys. I will try to post a few chapters each week. It’s a mystery/thriller and I hope you enjoy it xx (This is mature content though,Continue reading “Let’s go somewhere”