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Look inside

14 – Meeting The Monster The apple tree seems even more alone and brave than the first i saw it. I push the doors open and walk right up to Infinity. Everything seems normal likes it’s just another day. A few people are sitting around waiting to see their friends and family. Light classical musicContinue reading “Look inside”


13 – No Answer… After we tell Jo what happened and what we found it is clear that he is just as confused as we are. He examines the bracelet in his hand looking at each charm. A backpack, a fish, a deer, a Mercedes, a vault, a pair of gloves, the number 21, aContinue reading “Hello?”

The saddest truth…

Some days mental health is easier to manage then other days and if you ever walk around like every day is sunshine and cotton candy; get over yourself. On days like these it helps me to reflect and feel what I need to feel, you know? Like not ignore it but also not fall apart.Continue reading “The saddest truth…”

Let’s call you Cactus Jack…

Who is Cactus Jack? Nice of you to ask… Cactus Jack is the relationship that taught me the most; the one that almost killed me; the one that made me strong. The saddest thing about what I’m about to say is how many of you will actually relate to it; “I’ve never been so lonelyContinue reading “Let’s call you Cactus Jack…”

I will be in denial if you need me

Most of you have probably heard about the “three questions”, you know? Where you ask a person three specific questions to get to know a lot about them in a short amount of time? I wont bother to post a link because it’s really everywhere if you Google it but let me enlighten you anyway.Continue reading “I will be in denial if you need me”