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The End

17 – Epilogue Two Weeks Later In a shocking turn of events the case of the “Sunny Butcher” was reopened this week when local police found some remains and DNA of children who went missing at the old Sunny Acres asylum a few years ago inside the building walls. The authorities can’t say how thisContinue reading “The End”

The saddest truth…

Some days mental health is easier to manage then other days and if you ever walk around like every day is sunshine and cotton candy; get over yourself. On days like these it helps me to reflect and feel what I need to feel, you know? Like not ignore it but also not fall apart.Continue reading “The saddest truth…”

Let’s call you Cactus Jack…

Who is Cactus Jack? Nice of you to ask… Cactus Jack is the relationship that taught me the most; the one that almost killed me; the one that made me strong. The saddest thing about what I’m about to say is how many of you will actually relate to it; “I’ve never been so lonelyContinue reading “Let’s call you Cactus Jack…”

Don’t overwhelm me; I can do it myself…

What isn’t overwhelming these days? Let me break it down for you; There is this corrupted software planted into our brains by things like social media, advertising and marketing, our parents, the news, society and of course by ourselves that we need to do certain things to be seen a certain way. You know whatContinue reading “Don’t overwhelm me; I can do it myself…”

I will be in denial if you need me

Most of you have probably heard about the “three questions”, you know? Where you ask a person three specific questions to get to know a lot about them in a short amount of time? I wont bother to post a link because it’s really everywhere if you Google it but let me enlighten you anyway.Continue reading “I will be in denial if you need me”


This was something I personally had to learn and I am still learning because like many people I have that question “Is this okay?” because I tend to struggle with feelings of insecurity and at times absent mindedness. Finding security in who I am as a person can be challenging and the constant pressure andContinue reading “Boundaries”

When is enough, enough?

That is one of those life questions, isn’t it? When is enough, enough? When do you stop helping? When do you stop giving? When do you ask for help? When? Just when? Enough has so many emotions connected to it unlike sad or happy. Enough has them all. What am I saying, you ask? Well,Continue reading “When is enough, enough?”

Let’s try this again…

When I first started this blog I thought I would be on here just posting the books I have written and talking about them however, life has changed… I have since complete Forest Land – The awakening (book1) and you guys can read that on Wattpad and Dreame. I have also posted three other booksContinue reading “Let’s try this again…”