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The End

17 – Epilogue Two Weeks Later In a shocking turn of events the case of the “Sunny Butcher” was reopened this week when local police found some remains and DNA of children who went missing at the old Sunny Acres asylum a few years ago inside the building walls. The authorities can’t say how thisContinue reading “The End”

The other woman

12 – Sophia Reed Last night was absolutely amazing… eventually, but first it was awkward and hilarious. Adam guided my hands and my mouth to exactly where he wanted them. We snorted with laughter when Adam said;  “It’s like eating ice cream Bella!”  He enjoyed my lack of experience way too much. My hair gotContinue reading “The other woman”

Peek a Boo

10 – The Devil’s Pet On our way home I tell Adam everything about the building and the patients and about my mom. I also tell him what Infinity told me and he listens intently. After a few minutes of silence, just taking everything in he turns his head towards me  “How did we missContinue reading “Peek a Boo”