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You didn’t know

16 – Monsters do cry… “Why didn’t you stop? Why didn’t you find help?”  “Because I enjoy it Bella. I am a predator.”  “But you hated it, they forced you.”  “They just showed me what was inside me all along, I am a Gresham after all.” He snickers sending chills up my spine  “Why couldn’tContinue reading “You didn’t know”

It’s my turn

15 – Careful What You Wish For “You can start honey.” Daisy says  “What is your name?” I ask first to make sure he understands me  “Charles Gresham” he answers  “Does Sunny Acres belong to you?”  “Yes, you bitch.” Charlie grits through his teeth fighting not to answer me  “Why do you have Mildrid Pinto?” Continue reading “It’s my turn”